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Last Updated on Friday, 7 December 2012 1:04am
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RapMature Content
Im a Beast

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No Lie part two Play Buy The Motivation
Midnigh Passion Play Buy The Motivation

Location & Contact Info

Country: United States
State / Province: Illinois
City: Richton Park
Zip: 60471
Phone: 00000000000


Website: Visits 184
About: Im a Beast
Biography: Antoine Baccus created the alias "Twaun-G" at the age of 16. He first started off as a poet focusing on love and politics until introduced to hip hop an Jay-Z's reasonable doubt album. Since that day "Antoine" has created music to inspire change, while getting his points across with creative lyrics and instinctive choice of beats. "Antoine" is now Ceo of 5 Elements inc and has set his eyes for the top but not just for the fame but to make sure that everyone who seeks a dream would be able to make it real.