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Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 May 2012 9:05pm
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Hip HopPop

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Chillin like a mufuka feat Kid rafiq Play Buy Smoke in the city
Fresher remix feat Reese, ace jonez, kid rafiq and j griff Play Buy Smoke in the city
She say feat Kid Rafiq Play Buy Smoke in the city

Location & Contact Info

Country: United States
State / Province: Delaware
City: newcastle
Zip: 19720
Phone: 302-525-1498


Website:!/oflame Visits 242
About: O'Flame
Biography: Charles Moore, A.K.A O'Flame, was raised on the northside of Wilmington, Delaware, in a single parent household with his mother and older sister. At the age of 7, Charles' mother and father parted ways, which left him down and out, being that he was close to his father. Living with a strict mother, and with his father being a no show on a regular basis, Charles began dealing with depression at an early age. His sister introduced him to Hip Hop when she bought him his first cassette tape, "Criminal Minded" by Boogie Down Productions. He quickly fell in love with the many feelings music can take you through, so he began to write. Learning how to write poetry was a way out for Charles, but being a "Rapper" was the furthest thing from his mind, until he attended his first concert featuring the group "Onyx". Seeing their energy and their ability to take control of the crowd, Charles knew the stage was where he belonged.Over the years, Charles became more distant from the world, which strained the relationship between him and his mother, and often times, they would get into heated arguments which would lead to Charles being kicked out of the house. Some nights he would have the luck of sleeping on a friends couch, but some not so lucky nights, he would sleep on the steps of a track at a local elementary school. While there, he would spend majority of the night writing in his notebooks.
At the age of 16, Charles started his own poetry club with the help of his english teacher Ms.Gordon. Ms Gordon also convinced him to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida majoring in Recording Arts. In 2000, he dropped his first group album, "Krunk City", with NLT (Nation of a Lost Tribe) and his first solo album, "Da Inferno", dropped in 2001. After receiving his associates degree, at the age of 19, Charles moved back to Wilmington, where he started his record label Shadow Ent. Still clashing with his mother, he ended up moving to the westside of town with his father. There, he started producing for other local artists which helped brand his name . In 2003, he released the nationwide classic "Best of the Best vol.1", and in 2005 he digitally released "Best of the Best vol.2". O'Flame began working on his solo album, "Smoke in the City", in 2007. After 3 years, he finally released it on December 10, 2010. That year, he also managed to perform at 88 different shows with artists such as "King Gordy", "Bizzy Bone", "Hopsin", and "Esham" (just to name a few), conducted numerous radio interviews, and celebrated the release of his first video, "Do you remember". "Smoke in the City" became one of the biggest albums to be released in the state of Delaware, reaching international status in Sweden and the UK. "O'Flame" is seemingly becoming a household name.
In 2011, O'Flame is set to release his "Lights out ep." (produced by N Gage), along with "Best of the Best vol.3" and "Uncharted Territory", in the last quarter of the year. He recently released videos for his lead singles "High Heels", off of the "Lights out ep", and "So f'd up" off of "Best of the Best vol.3". And he has plans for plenty more to come in the near future. With the relationships with his parents now on good terms, the only pressure on him now is the weight of the world. Can he handle it? I guess we all have to stay tuned to find out!